Lagertha Strongshield

An imposing shieldmaiden from a far-off land.


A six foot tall shieldmaiden, seeking glory in battle for her gods.


As the granddaughter of Thornbjorg, the legendary shieldmaiden who killed the lake monster Modisir, Lagertha always knew she would be a hero and offer up her battlecry to the gods.

When Lagertha was thirteen, Grendel, son of Modisir, emerged from his decades-old cocoon and upon realising what had happened to his mother as he had transformed into an adult, he attacked her murderers. The monster destroyed Lagertha’s home village and killed all but her and stole Thornbjorg’s famous shield, Orveigar. The sole survivor, Lagertha fled to spread word of what had happened.

Many warriors and heroes stepped forward to form a squad to tackle Grendel; brave ‘little Lagertha’, as they dubbed her, refused to be left behind and acted as their guide. She showed them a secret cave leading to Grendel’s lair. The warriors made the child wait outside the lair where they fought the beast and won, however when ‘little Lagertha’ heard the clamour of battle abate, she entered the lair to find the heroes all dead or dying. Disappointingly, her grandmother’s magical shield was not within the cavern, either. It was a day of triumph and sorrow when she had to return to the longhall with Grendel’s head and the swords of the dead.

She grew up with distant relatives, but never really felt at home, so once she was old enough, she left to travel the world, seeking honourable battle and glory for her gods.


Lagertha Strongshield

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