The New Magisters of Q'Roth

Forging Destiny

A mundane moot and a direction decided?

Our battle weary heroes, exhausted after fighting the Magisterial forces managed to make it back to Faraan’s bakery to be met by a torrent of abuse.
The business had been heavily vandalised though luckily it was mostly cosmetic and Faraan’s family were still safe upstairs. None-the-less Faraan’s brother was livid that he had abandoned the establishment but molified by the idea that Lagertha would be there to fend off any other attacks calmed down and together they tidied up the premises with the promise of a place to sleep for most of the party had nowhere. Dhakiyah was less than pleased with the slight step down in comfort levels she was used to and vowed to find a place of her own as soon as she could.
A few days passed as they gathered their wits and protected the building and indeed street from the rioting still gripping the city. They started to form plans of looking for supplies and to get trade and some kind of normalcy back. Lagertha served as a figurehead and focal point, many wishing trouble would take one look at her and decide caution.
A commotion was heard as one of the heroes of the last games strode into the street, flanked by a honor guard and gawpers. The city tended to be safer during the day.
he strode up to Talice and berated her for leaving them to fight the Grand Magister and for being foolish during the games. he cursed her name, telling her to leave them well alone, they had better things to deal with and left as suddenly as he appeared.
Most of the people on the street were not rich enough to have seen Talice in the games and could only imagine what she had done to deserve such rebuke.
Both Dhakiyah and Sallah knew of a rich trader called Astor Finx and thought approaching him about getting trade back up and running would be a good idea. He was known to be quite liberal and noble for one so rich and powerful in the corrupt Game City of Tyr.
Dhakiyah and Faraan decided on different tacks to find Astor but both arrived at one of his warehouses around the same time but were turned away by heavily armed guards. they did leave word of who they were, giving some time to a discussion over what they should call themselves. Naming for the area they were currently protecting seemed sensible but a slight misunderstanding has caused the unofficial nickname of the Milk Maidens (after a statue in the Old Cattle Market part of town they are based) to be accepted more readily than anything else.
The party thought getting equipment would be a good idea and heading to a guard outpost nearby found it empty of people barring a couple of vagrants. Some of the gear had been left however, the guards either having fled or killed by rebels. Stocking up on weapons the vagrants helped them carry some back to the bakery asking only to sign up with them, to keep safe.
Elsewhere in the city similar things were happening. As the explosive unguided rioting died down, differing factions of rebels began to assert control over parts of the city.
Wanting a better picture of what was going on Dhakiyah thought they could use Talice’s connection to her old adventuring party to get in with the central rebel command in the grand Pyramid.
Travelling back to where they had fought not so long ago was not especially dangerous though they kept o their toes for signs of danger.
Talice especially, noticed that four main rebel groups seemed to be in control. Sigils on banners or dawbed in paint on walls suggested this. A lightening bolt, a bear, a fox and a
crescent moon.. They weren’t always seperate, most mingled with others everywhere but divisions did seem to be forming.
On getting to the Pyramid they sort of hustled their way in but if expecting a heroes welcome they were sorely disappointed. A gathering of the leaders of the rebels were around a table in a large room. Cordoned off by a fence and guards. A mass of people surrounded the fence all shouting to get attention. Grievances, reparations, justice. A mess of lost causes and renewed hopes.
Lagertha without hesitation began to shout about the giving out of the magisters Magical artifacts many stolen from the kingdoms subjects. Her voice seemed not to reach the leaders present but others near her heard and began shouting for items they had lost. Or perhaps hadn’t and saw an easy way to claim a fortune.
Faraan seemed incredibly put out by the way things were organised. No way to run a city. Nothing was getting done and he could not get through to anybody that was meant to be getting things done. Talice could not get the attention of her old delving party but, perhaps because of the way she had been treated earlier, didn’t seem so fussed. She left a note saying she had been by. She gathered information from the people around her trying to gauge what was happening. Nothing much seemed to be the answer but about the four groups she did find out that the Bolt was the largest faction generally well regarded and headed up by Francine Bouvier, instrumental in forming the rebellion and defacto leader of it all, she was sat at the table. The bears were led by a dwarf who was also present. Krychek Cragface, violently anti magic seeing it as a tool of the oppressors. Numair Sabaahat, an attractive man sat at the table represented the crescent moons. they seemed more self regarding, more interested in the way the power vacuum could be exploited, well at least that was how people not wearing crescent moon symbols on their clothes told it. The last faction seemed more mysterious. No-one talice talked knew who fronted them. They appeared more benign, much like the Milk Maidens they appeared interested in reforming the communities and rebuilding.
Dhakiyah noticed some richer folk up on a balcony looking down on the proceedings. Astor Finx was up there. There was no way up from this room but she figured she could find a way round.
Using some of her magical powers she turned invisible to pass by any guards who might be around (indeed they were quite a few). however she was not as quiet as she might have liked and despite not being able to see her one sentinel heard her presence and chased her away from the stairs she wished to get up. Thankfully she got away quickly, the invisibility spell had quite a duration but was not indefinite. She escaped his noticed and managed to get back up the stairs by doffing her armour in an empty room making her much quieter.
Re-appearing before she entered to balcony to talk to Astor she made an impression on the large bearded merchant who had received the groups note and was taking notice of the activities of the Milk Maidens.
With nothing really concrete from Astor yet and dejected by the loud, mindless mess of the rebel command the group headed back to the bakery to rest.



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