The Realm of Q’Roth has been torn open, the society has just been overturned so everything is in flux.Though there was an organised rebellion, ruling is not so easy as fighting. Internecine squabbles, power grabs, petty grievances brought back to the surface make it high times to make money, do good, do crime, a little of both if that’s your thing. Something within all your characters stirs. Desire for power perhaps? Justice? Hatred? Now is the time to take advantage of chaos or protect those who would be taken advantage of.

The Magisters of Q’roth are defeated. Or at least some of them are. The world is for the taking but by whom?
The remnants of the old guard? Powerful sorcerors but whose capricious and bloodthirsty tastes spelled their doom.
The rebels? Which faction? Some were violently anti-magic, some just tired of living under a tyrannical dictatorship, some have reasons known only to themselves. Who was bank rolling the endeavour? Does anyone care?
The Heroes of the last Games of Tyr? Adventurers from back west. They killed the Grand Magister, many could see them as a ruling council. But are they just puppets of some unseen hand?

The New Magisters of Q'Roth

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