The New Magisters of Q'Roth

Our heroes meet.

Five brave souls all with differing reasons find themselves in the Game City of Tyr.
Talice – a dark elf, part of a band of adventurers kidnapped by the magisters of Q’Roth for use in their despicable deathtrap games.
Lagertha Strongshield – an imposing human seeking the glory that can only come from battle.
Farraan – a human baker swept up in the looting and vandalism taking place alongside the rebellion against the Magisters
Dhakiyah Nur Vildan – a half-elven magic user, lethal with spell and sword. Somewhat famous for fighting in the gladiator arena of Tyr. Notorious as a showboat.
Sallah Al-Bakkesh – mystic druid of an outlawed philosophy, last of his sect. Captured shortly before the revolution began.

Having survived the perilous dungeons Talice found herself split from her compatriots and witnessed a fancy looking half elf – Dhakiyah, help some rebels storm the arena. On trying to escape she found in a room set ablaze Sallah, chained up in a cage with four others. She quickly pick the locks to get them out, whilst the druid controlled the flames with his elemental powers as much as he could. Dhakiyah changed from her recognisable gladiator armour, worried that as a symbol of the magisters power she may be targeted by over zealous rebels. But as she did so gave directions to Talice and Sallah on how to get out quickly.
Finding themselves outside the arena Talice saw a runaway horse and cart careering towards a young boy. She quickly cast a sleep spell on the horse and dove at the boy rolling with him out of the way as the cart crashed over the prone equine form and flipped onto the just empty ground where the boy had been. Sallah was impressed with the strange dark skinned elf’s heroism.

Farraan co-owned a reasonably successful bakery with his brother and enjoyed his work but had always thought something lacking from his life. When the uprising began he saw a chance to just let loose and run amok. He had always hated Willington Smythe-Bennet and grabbing a rolling pin swept along with a bunch of rebels, or perhaps just looters heading in the direction of the nobles house. He didn’t really care what he was smashing just as long as he was smashing. Most of the others had left the house continuing up the street but he stayed and was alone in a room when he knocked a lighting sconce opening up a secret door. Inside were vases, ancient looking, chests, tapestries from across the sea. he had no real inclination to rob but crashed around again destroying anything he could.
And this was how he released an ancient Djinn from it’s lamp prison. Smoke enveloped Farraan and though if anybody was watching not but a second of time had passed, he came out of the smoke a changed man. Who could say what the Djinn promised him or what he had promised the Djinn but he was certainly no longer just a baker.

Lagertha Strongshield dropped her drink and grabbed her weapon and shield as soon as she heard combat commence. She was waiting for this moment and now some of the magisters forces would pay the price of blood.
She charged out and was almost immediately knocked down. She had slightly underestimated the effect the drink had on her. Shaking it off she barrelled through city guards knocking them flying with a roaring bellow that shook the heavens. The bulk of the action seemed to be coming from the arena so she headed that way clearing guards left and right. She raged past the house farraan just stumbled out of and slightly in a daze he headed behind her seeing as she was getting rid of the law around here.
However one of the guards she had bashed aside with her shield recovered quickly and stood up to attack her from behind. Farraan let out a shout of warning and a stream of magical energy shot from his hand blasting the guard down. Farraan was slightly shocked by this but to Lagertha eyes he had just smoothly saved her, though she swallowed back a slight repulsion at his use of magic.

They made it to a side entrance of the arena where they saw a child being returned to his mother by a Drow. Another half elf emerged from a doorway and a roughshod hermit looking fellow. They clearly weren’t guards but Lagertha did not have to wait long for her battle lust to be filled. Lackeys of the Magisters came from the end of the street yelling to suppress all not in a Q’Roth uniform.
Working together they five quickly dispatched the goons and Dhakiyah told them off where they might find someone with more rank to fight (with an eye perhaps on taking advantage of the chaos to nab some interesting items the magisters may have). She led them up into the pyramid that rested against one edge of the arena where they fought more guards and confronted a magister, minor though he was, whose magic deflected many of their attacks but in the end he fell just as everyone else they had faced had done.



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